How Will I Know?

Where are my donations going?

Can I get an update on a specific project?

What items are needed the most?

Will you accept the donation I am wanting to send?

Can I submit a project for consideration by the board of directors to donate to?

These questions and many more can be answered by sending an email to info@reliefshare.org

We are here to respond to all inqueries, please do email us with your questions.

Relief Share Interaction

Join us in giving relief through sharing. We help the sick and needy through meeting temporal needs. You can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Warm clothing and bedding for babies, quilts for the aged, books for this disadvantaged, household goods for those who have lost everything in floods or house fires; these are some of the concerns we address. Be there, care and assist through www.ReliefShare.org

Relief Share email with Home Office - info@ReliefShare.org

Every donation will be acknowledged with a thank you letter to let you know your help has been received & appreciated.

Please indicate in your donation if you would like a tax deductible receipt, we will be happy to provide one.

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